An integral coach is a professional who uses the Integral Coaching methodology, a comprehensive approach to personal and professional coaching. This method is grounded in the Integral Theory, which was developed by philosopher Ken Wilber. The Integral Theory proposes a holistic framework for understanding human consciousness and development, integrating insights from various disciplines including psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and science.

Integral coaches work with clients to facilitate growth and development in all aspects of their being—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. The goal is to help individuals become more self-aware, balanced, and effective in their lives and careers. This approach recognizes that people are complex beings with multiple facets and that true growth requires addressing all these dimensions in a coherent and integrated manner.

Integral coaching typically involves:

This type of coaching is suited for individuals seeking deep, transformative change, not just in one area of life but in a way that integrates all aspects of their being into a cohesive whole. It’s particularly valuable for those who are at a crossroads, seeking to enhance their leadership skills, or looking to live a more balanced and fulfilling life.